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2. How To Sell Beats Online Like A Pro

2. How To Sell Beats Online Like A Pro

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I am going to teach you step by step how to build an online presence for yourself and how to sell your beats through your own website. I am going to show you all my secrets about setting up a killer website, getting visitors, dominating search engines, building your brand, and selling your beats to thousands of recording artists and multimedia developers around the world.

I am going to show you the exact methods that I have used to funnel traffic from all around the web to any website that I choose. Some of these methods are easy, some are not... but they all work. If you don’t understand something, just keep reading through till the end and if you need to... read the book again.

This guide isn’t even very long, and that’s because I am not going to waste your time with hundreds of pages of fluff. I am going to tell you the things that you need to know. But before I talk about any of this technical stuff, I am going to show you why selling beats online is such a good idea in the first place. Then I will go into detail about how to actually make it happen.

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