The Real Secret to Making Money Selling Beats Online

It’s no secret that email marketing is the key to being successful and making a lot of money online. Even if you are a music producer selling beats, customers are 10 times more likely to purchase from a link in an email than from a link in a tweet or instagram post.

If you have a thousand people on your email list waiting to buy beats, each time you send out a blast you can make thousands of dollars instantly. The problem is most music producers don't take the time to learn about email marketing and are too scared to sign up for any more accounts... or they just don't realize how powerful email marketing is.

Email marketing does not mean finding people's emails on facebook and sending out emails one by one through gmail.

REAL email marketing means using a tool such as Aweber or GetResponse to automate most of the work for you. These online tools help you collect all your emails, store them, organize them, send out blasts, and more.

One of the key features within Aweber is the follow up sequence. Follow up sequences allow you to send out a series of emails to your subscribers after they sign up for your email list. This series of emails is important because you can use it to start building a relationship with your fans and customers.

Another key feature within Aweber is the broadcast. This is essentially the same thing as sending out a newsletter. You can send out a broadcast message to everyone on your list, or just segments. I usually send out a broadcast message every time that I upload a new beat or start a new contest, this really helps keep your brand name and message in front of your target audience.

Aweber also makes it easy for you to create custom signup forms to collect email addresses. They have an easy built in tool where you can choose from templates or create your own email forms. These are the forms that you place on your website and build your email list.
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