Beat Selling Business Online Branding Checklist

Without a doubt, having a strong online brand will help your beat selling business grow.

As promised, here is my personal online branding checklist for music producers to make sure you have the best possible chance at succeeding online:

1. Do you have a short (under 20 characters), relevant, and memorable dot com domain name? 
2. Do you have a unique design and color scheme that is different from other websites?
3. Do you have a Facebook page for your beat selling business?
4. Do you have a Twitter page for your beat selling business?
5. Do you have a Soundclick page for your beat selling business?
6. Do you have  a YouTube channel for your beat selling business?
7. Do you have an Instagram for you beat selling business?
8. Do you have a Soundcloud for your beat selling business?
9. Do you have professional quality graphics and images on all your sites?
10. Do you have a consistent message and voice across your online channels?
11. Do you have sign up forms to collect email addresses?
12. Do you have a stat counter or web analytics to keep track of your visitors?
13. Do you have social media links on your various sites to connect your online brand together?
14. Do you have pictures or videos of yourself to build trust with your visitors?
15. Do you have production credits or a portfolio of work to increase your social proof?
16. Do you have clear 'Call To Action' buttons where you want people to buy, signup, or follow?

Use this checklist to keep track of your progress. Once you can answer YES to all these questions you will be in a great position to start moving on to the next step in your beat selling business!
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